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June 19, 2014


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Everyone has their favorite places to shop, right? I know I do. What if, instead of having to look through a store’s website to find something you like, an item that fits your taste is presented to you? It’s possible! A new app, called Mallzee, makes this a reality. The steps are pretty foolproof: (1) sign-up (2) pick your favorite brands/stores (3) like or dislike an item presented to you from the store.

Mallzee |

Mallzee |

Mallzee |

Over time, the app “learns” what your tastes and style. Still not sure if the item in question is for you? The social component of the app allows you to gather yay or nay votes and feedback from your friends and Mallzee stylists. Try it out today, and let me know what you think!

*This post was sponsored by Mallzee (all opinions are my own)

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June 12, 2014

What Goes With This?

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Have you ever bought a shirt but only have one or two outfits in mind for it? What if you could get advice from a network of fellow fashionistas for more outfit ideas and also their feedback on your outfit ideas?

Enter What Goes with This. This new social fashion site is a place where you can upload pictures of your newest closet addition and either seek or give advice on how you would create an outfit from it. Haven’t purchased that newest addition because you’re on the fence about how to style it? What Goes With This has partnered with many online retailers and with the use of their browser bookmarklet, you can easy save the item, import it to your profile, and with others on the site, do trial-and-error with creating a great look!

Here is an outfit that I made utilizing the great tools from What Goes with This:
Check out the outfit I made on #WGWT!

Blue lace dresswhite moto jacketneon yellow heels

Let’s say you wanted to get more ideas for ways to style this blue lace dress. You simply “heart” the dress and it becomes part of your personal collection. You can then click on the dress and see how others have styled it (i.e different shoes, accessories, etc). Easy-peasy. It’s like having a few hundred stylist at your fingertips!

Head on over now to What Goes with This and let me know what you think!

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*This post was sponsored by What Goes With This (all opinions are my own)

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