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February 19, 2014

Save or splurge: Kate Spade vs. Merona

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I don’t know about you but I always seem to need a new purse. I can always find a purpose for it: work, weekend, because it was cute…the list goes on. However, big splurges can’t always be the case. In this edition of save or splurge, let’s look at the Kate Spade Grove Court Large Maise purse versus the inspired version: the Merona mini satchel.

Kate Spade |

Merona mini satchel // Kate Spade Grove Court Large Maise

The Merona satchel has slightly smaller dimensions than the Kate Spade purse. From the material description, it seems this purse is softer and not as rigid in its form as the Kate Spade purse. However, the Kate Spade purse is made of leather whereas the Merona satchel is made of polyurethane. Which one to choose – decisions, decisions! Share with me via comments which option you would choose and why!

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