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June 17, 2014

Summer in the sun

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I’ve been fortunate to have been able to travel to different places around the world. Of these places, there’s always something about a beachside destination that screams relaxation and vacation to me. One of my favorite places to date has been to Santorini: a Greek island that was formed from the remnants of a volcano.

Santorini, Greece |

There’s something about this place that keeps me in awe of its beauty. Perhaps, it’s the perfect, intense golden sunset. Or, maybe it’s the atmosphere: the white homes and their unique blue domes. Or, maybe it’s the excellent cuisine. It’s definitely a summer destination I think everyone should experience once in their lifetime.

If you’re thinking of visiting Santorini (or any beach destination), here are some of my packing essentials. First off: skin protection! Can’t be too cautious so sunscreen is a definite must-pack. Have a large-brimmed hat and colorful sunglasses can also help to protect from the damaging rays. Don’t forget to stay hydrated by packing a cool water bottle. And of course, the most important thing: a cute two-piece bikini! A matching cover-up and slide-in sandals are essential when you want to go out to eat. Lounging around the beach on a cozy beach towel is a perfect time to catch up on reading magazines, painting your nails, or snapping some memories. Stuff all your beach essentials in a bright bag and you’re all set for some R&R!
What’s your favorite beach destination?

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