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December 14, 2017

How to: tips for buying & styling over the knee (OTK) boots

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How to pick over the knee (OTK) boots | see the picks (all budgets) on

Over-the-knee boots are a necessity during the fall and winter seasons. It adds a second skin to keep you warm but also is a fashionable way to do so! If you’re looking to pick up a pair (or two) of over-the-knee boots, here are some tips for what to consider before purchasing and things to look for to make the look flattering and functional:
(1) Materials make a difference – are you looking for natural or synthetic? Keep in mind if you’re looking for something long lasting that leather/suede will be the better option (if your budge allows)

(2) What color should you get? If you’re looking to get more wear out of your boots, opt for a neutral color (beige, black, or grey). These colors pair well with just about any other color and gives you versatility in outfits to pair it with.

(3) Determine an optimal heel height – are you planning on wearing the boots for multiple occasions? Will lots of walking be involved? That will help determine which heel high will be best suited for your lifestyle

(4) How much time are you willing to spend to take the boots on and off? Stiffer materials may take a bit of wrangling to put the boot on and off versus something more forgiving. If you’re investing in leather-derived boots, know the quality you’re getting

(5) Choose boots that hug the leg if you’re looking to create a silhouette of longer, leaner legs. Try to avoid boots that have excess material towards the top as this can create bulkier looking legs

(6) Securing the boots – tie versus elastic? How will the boots hold upright? It’s a matter of personal preference. If you want an elastic back, aim for slightly snug feeling as it will stretch with wear over time (and might become too loose). A tie back will give you flexibility to adjust the diameter whether you’re wearing the boots bare skin or over a lined pair of skinny jeans. Before purchasing, make sure you sit, stand, and walk in the boots to test out if the shaft will be secure or if you’ll end up pulling up your boots all day!

(7) Height matters. Proportion is key – petite ladies will want to opt for a shaft that hits just above the knee.

(8) Aim for a certain look. Are you looking to wear over-the-knee boots to the office? Pair it with a knee length pencil skirt for a sophisticated feel. Looking for a casual feel? Pair with leggings or skinny jeans and an oversized top as a way to play with proportions. A night on the town? Create a slightly provocative look by pairing with a hemline that skirts the top of the boots by a hair or go all out with a mini skirt.


ONE {only $44 & 3 colors}

TWO {2 colors}

THREE {over $90 off & 4 colors}

FOUR {love the metallic accent}


SIX {50% off (only $74) & 4 colors}

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July 7, 2016

Style: waist cut out

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Style: waist cutout | see all the picks at

I’ve spotted quite a few dresses and rompers that are sporting the waist cutout trend this spring and summer. It’s all about giving that little hint of skin but still keeping it classy. It can make an otherwise cookie cutter look a little bit more fun, feminine, and sexy. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite cutouts below – let me know which one is your favorite!


Waist cutout maxi dress

Lavender waist cutout dress

Side cutout jumpsuit overall

Blue side cutout dress

One piece swimsuit with waist cutout

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May 26, 2016

Style trend: bodysuit

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Style trend: bodysuit | see all the picks at

Bodysuits were once meant to worn underneath one’s clothing but the new trend is to wear it as its own standalone statement piece. It’s the perfect item to elevate your look – paired with a full midi skirt it highlights your waist and works perfectly well with jeans or work trousers. There are so many options that you’re bound to find a style or fit that works well for any body type!


White sleeveless bodysuit

Olive green lace up bodysuit

Black sheer shoulder bodysuit

Open back body suit

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