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April 16, 2014

Spring vacation packing

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Traveling is one of my favorite things to do. Whether the trip is a local weekend getaway or to another country, I always look forward to new experiences and memories. Of course, being on the road means maximizing the number of outfits I can wear and minimizing the number of things I need to pack all while keeping comfortable and still feeling stylish. Spring break is upon us now and a lot you might be heading out for trips. I know it’s definitely the commencement period of travel for me. Packing smartly saves you from the pain of having to carry heavy luggage and also allows you a little extra room to pack back some keepsakes from your trip.

Packing for a spring getaway |

Chambray shirt // Peach striped tank // Fuschia chiffon blouse // Merci graphic sweater
Black flared skirt // Gold belt // Denim jeans
Hot pink belt // Nude strappy stilettos
Mint green shorts // Black strap sandals // Bow ballet flats

I’ve picked 10 pieces, including footwear. This packing list is great for a locale that is warm during the day and that could get cooler at night. I’ve picked pieces that can be dressed up or down without too much effort. Practicality is also a key component of packing – think if you’ll be lounging around a lot or if you’ll be out and about and require outfits that can accommodate that. Here are some outfit ideas I came up with that could make at least 10 different looks:

Packing lightly while maximizing the number of outfits |

The combinations are always endless – it simply starts with picking a few key pieces and letting your creativity take over! Where’s your next destination and what are you packing?


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