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September 7, 2017

Style: sock boots

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Style: sock boots | see all the picks at

As you’re prepping for the boot season, don’t overlook the current sock boot trend. The tight-fitting boot trend is distinct in its close hugging nature. Not only that, its length falls somewhere between the calf and ankle giving the illusion of a true sock. Their popularity is due to the silhouette they help create: a slimming effect. Pair it with your favorite legging to create the look of extra long legs. Or, pair them with your crop pants to extend your wear when the temperatures drop.


1. Burgundy velvet sock boot {only $34 & comes in 2 colors}

2. Green stiletto sock boot {comes in 2 colors}

3. Pink {literal} sock boot {30% off & comes in 3 colors}

4. Red sock boot

5. Pink sock boot {comes in 2 colors}

6. Copper glitter sock boot {55%

7. Black open toe sock boot {40%

8. Glitter sock boot {50% off}

9. Green block heel sock boot {only $19!}

10. Beige velvet sock boot {30% off}

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October 20, 2016

Style: neck chokers (picks starting at $5!)

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Style: neck chokers - all under $35! | see all the picks at

The choker trend from the 90s has made a resurgence as the current “it” accessory. Whether your preference is for leather, velvet, metal, or a combination of them all, you’ll find it all. I’ve rounded up some cute options (all under $35!) that can afford you the chance to play around with the varying styles. See my picks below:


Blush pink choker {under $9}

Bolo tiered choker {under $15}

Double black and gold choker {only $8.50}

Black lace choker

Black banded choker

Gold pendant choker

Double silver choker {clearance, $5!}

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September 22, 2016

Style: bomber jacket (all under $125!)

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Bomber jackets | see all the picks at

What’s the one item this season that will give you that undeniably cool look? The bomber jacket. Whether you choose the classic black with silver teeth zipper jacket or choose an embroidered one, or a brightly colored one, you won’t go wrong. Pair with your favorite jeans and sneakers or create an unexpected sporty look by pairing it with a flirty dress. Any way you style it, you can’t go wrong! Check out all my picks below:


Black floral embroidered bomber jacket

Pink bomber jacket

Olive green shiny bomber jacket

Reversible floral / black and white bomber jacket

Burgundy suede bomber jacket

Chambray bomber jacket {under $30}

Printed bomber jacket

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July 14, 2016

Style: rompers

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Style: rompers | see all the picks at

Rompers are the go to choice for summer. And why not? It’s a lightweight option for the warm months but also, gives you that instant sophisticated look. It’s the perfect look for anybody because the choices are endless – the different fabric types, the different cuts (gathered waist, form-fitting, etc.), and different patterns. Pair them with sneakers, sandals, or heels – you can’t go wrong. See all my picks below:


White lace romper

Grey knit romper

White off the shoulder romper

Black lace cutout romper

Ruffle detail denim romper

Coral v-neck romper

Crisscross romper

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June 16, 2016

Style trend: tie front shirt

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Tie waist shirt | see all the picks at

I might have several shirts in the same color or print but each one is different because of the small details. The tie waist shirt is one such example. Yes, you can easily take a button down and tie the front tails together but it’s so much better when the tie is purposefully placed there. I love this option due to the its length and can easy see it paired with jeans or shorts or even a skirt. Check out some of other favorites below:


Hawaiian print tie front shirt

Sleeveless white tie front shirt

Long tie front shirt

Yellow tie front shirt

Olive tie front shirt

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