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November 28, 2017

FOR HER {gift guide}

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Sometimes, holiday shopping can get a bit overwhelming and it’s always a question of where to start? Over the next few weeks I’ll be breaking down my holiday gift guide categorically to help you shop for specific people in your life. Today’s gift guide is for the women in your life. Whether she’s a homebody or a techie, or if you just want to get something you know will be used over and over, look no further.


1. Red crossbody purse {$51 off with code SHOPFAST; 4 colors}
A timeless purse shape that will always be stylish

2. Beige hooded plush cardigan {6 colors}
I own this and wear it around the house ALL THE TIME – the plushness can’t be explained until you feel it for yourself

3. Pink bow embellished heel {3 colors; only $44 with code HOLIDAY2017}
Who doesn’t need an embellished shoe to wear for girls night out or date night?

4. Reed diffuser
Perfect for the homebody to help relax and unwind

5. Pink wool turtleneck {4 colors; 40% off with code BRFAST}
A machine washable (!) winter staple that will be worn over and over again!

6. Clear umbrella {30% off with code MOREJOY}
A fun umbrella that will make rain more bearable and is also worthy of Instagram photos!

7. Good morning coffee mug set
Start the morning off on the right foot – coffee in hand and a nice compliment

8. Stick-it-anywhere phone case
A phone case that sticks practically any surface for a hands-free experience (perfect for the person who loves to take selfies, films YouTube videos, or likes to binge watch TV)

9. Daily planner
Perfect for the person who prefers pen to paper

10. Stainless steel hot/cold bottle
Advertised as keeping beverages cold or hot for 24 hours – I can attest to this claim! I own this and use it on a daily basis to bring my hot or cold coffee to work.

11. Pom pom beanie hat {3 colors; 40% off with code SHOPFAST}
A fun winter accessory that will keep her warm and stylish

12. Lightbox
A great gift for her desk – let her personalize her goals or motto




You can always see the entire gift guide here


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November 3, 2016

Style: metal ring purse

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Metal ring purses | see all the picks at

The latest purse trend includes a metal ring. It was first popularized by Chloe with the Faye bag and now, the latest “it” bag is the JW Anderson Pierce purse. Both handbags have an artistic take on a body piercing and other designers have taken note. The shiny component can complement or contrast an outfit – either way, you can’t go wrong. I’ve rounded up metal ring bags for all budgets below!


Pink textured metal ring purse {under $40}

Cognac brown metal ring saddle purse

‘Pierce’ metal ring purse {use code q10dff for extra 10% off}

Black metal ring purse {comes in 2 colors}

Navy blue metal ring purse {or no tax here}

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October 20, 2016

Style: neck chokers (picks starting at $5!)

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Style: neck chokers - all under $35! | see all the picks at

The choker trend from the 90s has made a resurgence as the current “it” accessory. Whether your preference is for leather, velvet, metal, or a combination of them all, you’ll find it all. I’ve rounded up some cute options (all under $35!) that can afford you the chance to play around with the varying styles. See my picks below:


Blush pink choker {under $9}

Bolo tiered choker {under $15}

Double black and gold choker {only $8.50}

Black lace choker

Black banded choker

Gold pendant choker

Double silver choker {clearance, $5!}

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August 11, 2016

Style: mule slippers

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Slipper mules | see all the picks at

With Fall just around the corner, it’ll be time for some transitional footwear soon. Enter the mule slipper: it’s perfect for its ease of wearing and comfortable flat sole. This shoe is appropriate for around the clock wear – try pairing it with a midi length pencil skirt and stylish tailored shirt for the office and switch over to a comfy tee and jeans for that perfect off-duty, effortless look. Check out some of my picks below:


Metallic mule slide {55% off!}

Leopard print mule slipper {50% off!}

Navy diamond slipper flat {under $55!}

Black oxford mule slide

Fur lined mule slide

Tassel fringe blue slipper mule {comes in blush color, too!}

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July 21, 2016

Style: round purse

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Style: round purses | see all the picks at

One of the most eye catching purse silhouettes this season is the round purse. It’s unexpected and can give that extra wow factor to your complete look. Whether you opt to go small or large in purse size, you can’t go wrong. Try pairing this one with shorts and a tee for that perfect weekend look, or pair this one with a pretty shift dress for a garden party.


Red circle purse

Pink round purse

Grey leather circle purse

Black fringe circle purse

Pink round purse with silver embellishments

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