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December 27, 2016

Diaper bag packing essentials

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Diaper bag packing essentials |

My baby just turned one and I remember trying to pack everything under the sun into his diaper bag when he was first born. Now, I’ve been able to narrow it down to the essentials and share with you what’s in my diaper bag.

(1) Purse / diaper bag: the obvious essential product. I opted for an all-black bag since it goes with anything! Additionally, having the ability to convert it from a tote to a messenger-style allows for more hands-free shopping

(2) Diapers: Another essential: extra diapers when we’re away from the house for a few hours

(3) Changing pad: Not all public restrooms have a changing pad so we’ve had to devise our own station. These are essential to keep him clean and protect from dirt and grime.

(4) Hand sanitizer: A must have for us, especially during the cold and flu season.

(5) Snacks: my son loves eating so I always pack him some healthy finger foods that will keep him satiated.

(6) Book: we always have a book from this list with us. He loves flipping pages and looking at the illustrations!

(7) Music: if my son is getting fussy or bored, talking doesn’t always calm him down. But, the minute we put on some music, he’s mesmerized and forgets what was bothering him before! Having a happy baby is key!

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